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The project of the International Diamonds Investment Company Private Free Zone - Amman/Jordan  (IDIC) started in the year 2000.  It was declared an industrial private free zone in the year 2001.

 IDIC is dedicated to provide investors with services that make their investment endeavors easy and efficient.  IDIC has made available a group of custom employees who work twenty four hours a day to have the investors' goods shipped in and out of the private free zone upon demand.

The Objectives of the free zones corporation :

1- Attracting local and foreign capitals and employing them in the country in the

     various investment activities.

2- Introducing technology & technical skills in to the kingdom.

3- Employment of the local savings and investing them in industry, trade and various

    economic  activities established in the free zone.

4- Activating the transport sectors and other services.

5- providing work opportunities for Jordanians and enhancing their skills.

6- Developing new areas in the kingdom through the establishment of investment projects.

7- Encouraging export industries and activating the transit trade.

8- Supporting the national economy with hard currency to bolster the balance of payments.

9- promoting the unique role of the private sector in establishing private and joint free zones

    which use local raw materials production inputs.

10- strengthening the upstream and downstream links of the commodity and service production

       sectors in the free zone with their production complement in the multi-various economic activities

       in the kingdom so as to develop the national economy.





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